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Matt & Katy - Wedding in Downtown Seattle - Seattle Washington

Matt and Katy's wedding was a dream come true. Their eclectic style was on full display throughout the day, from the getting ready location to the reception.

The day started at the Palihotel in downtown Seattle, where Katy and Matt each had separate rooms to get ready with our closest friends and family.

I captured some beautiful footage of Katy's mother holding back tears as she helped her daughter into her stunning white satin dress, which perfectly complemented the classic theme of the day.

I also captured a heartwarming moment between Katy and her father as they shared their first look. As she made her way down to the lobby, he eagerly awaited her arrival, and the look on his face as he saw his daughter in her dress for the first time was priceless. It was clear how proud he was of her.

Meanwhile, Matt and his groomsmen made their way to Pike Place, a special spot that he and Katy shared together as a couple. Tyler helped me set Matt up, and as I walked with Katy, we soon arrived at the location for their first look. Everyone we passed in downtown Seattle couldn't take their eyes off Katy, congratulating her on her big day as she walked by in her stunning dress. When Matt turned to see his bride, tears flowed as they shared a moment of pure love that no one watching would ever forget.

After taking some stunning photos of the two, we all hopped on a shuttle bus and headed to the Golden Gardens Beach House for more photos. Originally, this was the location they picked for their wedding venue, but due to Covid restrictions, it was closed. Despite the change of plans, the owners were very considerate and even allowed us to enter the inside for some stunning footage that we were able to use in their wedding film.

From there, we headed to Ray's Boat House for the ceremony and reception. The beautiful sunny day provided a stunning backdrop for their altar, with the ocean behind them. As Matt and the bridal party made their way down the aisle, the audience eagerly awaited the reveal of Katy. Matt struggled to hold back his emotions as Katy made her way down the aisle with her father. High Divided, one of their favorite bands, played during the ceremony, making the moment even sweeter.

After exchanging their own heartfelt vows, they shared their first kiss as husband and wife, and the crowd cheered, throwing flower petals as they excitedly exited down the aisle.

The reception started with drinks and mingling, and during this time, I captured some stunning footage of their reception table set up. We even had an unexpected moment when we accidentally locked our keys in the car while switching out some batteries and had to ask my dad to deliver our spare key!

The dinner was spectacular, and the toasts shared by their friends and family left everyone in tears of joy and laughter. We were able to use a few of these speeches in their final film. The guests enjoyed taking photos with the "Better Together" backdrop, and we snuck the couple off for some cute footage together on the pier.

In all, it was a beautiful day from start to finish, and I was honored to capture it. The best part of my job as a wedding videographer is the potential to make friends with the couples even after their wedding. In fact, I've had the pleasure of taking photos with Matt as his side hobby, meeting up with the two for lunch and concert dates, and have become really good friends!


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