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Why Hire

A Videographer

Let's be honest... Videography is usually an afterthought when it comes to deciding the details of your wedding day. And although photos are important, they don't capture the sweet words exchanged within your vows or the laughter of your loved ones. Video has the capability of transporting you back in the moment for a lifetime to come. 

“I can’t even begin to explain how amazing Larissa and Tyler are! We are so happy we went with them for our wedding. They captured everything PERFECTLY!! From the ceremony to the little wedding details to the fun we had that day. Every time I watch this video I just relive the day and I am so so happy! Thank you both so much for everything I will be forever grateful for this video!"

Brittany Harris

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Meet Your Videographers

This pains me to say now... but when Tyler and I got married, video was an after thought.


I waited till the last minute to book a videographer and being burnt out with all the other wedding planning details I didn't research enough on who I was booking and what they had to offer. They day of the wedding, I was shocked to see a GoPro in their hand. 

Before we knew it, the day came and went. We spent so much time running place to place and chatting with people it was hard to believe our big day had finally come to an end after all our months of planning. 

Once we received our video, I immediately regretted not investing more time and money into someone who was able to capture audio of our speeches and vows, and provide a more cinematic feel of our wedding day. 

A year later, I fell in love with video myself! I knew how important it was for these special moments to be captured and cherished for a lifetime. Knowing what it's like to invest so much time into planning, we have made it our goal to document every second, detail, and event that occurs the day of the wedding!

- Larissa & Tyler Johnson

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The Experience

Two videographers are better than one, ensuring we capture every special moment of your day. Forget the static camera on a tripod nonsense and add some beauty to your film. We blend into the background as much as possible but don't be surprised if you see us right there in the party capturing it to relive later.  Everyone's wedding is unique, and there is no special formula when it comes to editing your film. We take the time to watch every piece of footage individually that truthfully reflects your story.  It's our mission to bring our A game and provide a cinematic film capturing every detail.

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